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What if 2001 had been released as a modern summer blockbuster?

[youtube] Take a look at the comments. I think this person is on target: I love the film and find this rehash trailer very entertaining for 3 reasons. It’s funny because it’s so different than the nature of the real film. It’s clever because it’s such a obvious comment on the film industry. It’s fun to watch anyway as it is admittedly exciting. Read more […]

A Must See Classic Science Fiction Movie The Transatlantic Tunnel is in my opinion one of the most important pieces of cinematic science fiction ever made. Released in 1935 this movie not only accurately depicts the rise of television and mobile phones it does it in such a way that these devices are never even commented on in the movie. They are merely background props that add a sense of reality. The movie is chock full of these little background details. For instance the best friend of the Read more […]

Chris Marker, 1921-2012: influential French director of “La Jetée” – the inspiration for “12 Monkeys”

Influential French director Chris Marker has died in Paris at the age of 91. From the article in The Guardian, by Ronald Bergan, dated July 30, 2012: Chris Marker obituary: Experimental French director acclaimed for his post-apocalyptic film La Jetée: The essay film, a form pitched between documentary and personal reflection, exploring the subjectivity of the cinematic perspective, has now become an accepted genre. Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, Jean-Luc Godard, Errol Morris and Michael Read more […]

In Honor of the Olympics…I present The Year of the Sex Olympics (Video NSFW) (note there are some scenes of female frontal nudity) This year as most of us know the Olympics are being held in The United Kingdom. In honor of that I present a movie made for the BBC back in 1968. The Year of the Sex Olympics has very little to do with the “Sex Olympics” and everything to do with exploring a future Utopia/Distopia where citizens of a world government are placated and made apathetic by a constant stream of Read more […]

A Review of The Watch In my opinion a review should both inform the reader about the movie and who should or should not see the movie. The Watch would be absolutely hilarious to people in their teens that find dick and fart jokes the height of humor. That sums up who should see it and what the movie is about. It is basically one long drawn out dick joke. This kind of humor can be funny and South Park utilizes this kind of sophomoric humor to actually make a few salient points Read more […]

An Online Libertarian Comic – we must work to keep these guys in business Comics that speak to conservative/libertarian minds are few and far between. The best of these are gathered at Big Head Press. I haven’t been checking the online comics I usually read because last semester I was writing my Master’s thesis. When I did check up on “Escape From Terra” the flagship comic for Big head Press I noticed that they had quit producing and had a disclaimer that they could no longer afford to bring us the quality comics we expect from that site. Read more […]

The Paleo-Diet: Nature’s Most Manly Way to Lose Weight and be Healthy

I have been on The Paleo-diet for 5 weeks. I have dropped 23 lbs in that time. I feel better than I have in 20 years. I have more energy and less joint and muscle pain. I have tried other diets none have worked this well. Adkins dropped the weight faster but I never felt full. The key to the diet is simple. Eat meat( a mix of fish, red meat, pork, and chicken…. eat the fat off that steak), green veggies, and drink water. Staying away from bread, all grain products, potatoes, and don’t fry your Read more […]

John Galt Is Batman

 This review is from my political blog Mainly Political and I thought it fit better here now that this site is up and running. I normally refrain from doing movie reviews. There are very few movies I truly like and while I enjoyed Batman it has some editing problems that made it hard for me to watch. Most people won’t even notice these. I did however find it to be the most interesting movie on an intellectual level that I have seen in years. In fact I can safely say that the “Dark Knight Rises” Read more […]

Scientists create a solid material six times lighter than air…and all they can think about using it for is batteries?–new-lighter-than-air-material-may-be-holy-grail-for-batteries Ok it is nice that this material could make lighter more powerful batteries but did these guys consider the real possibilities of this material? Obviously not. I want to bring to your attention a Roleplaying game from the late 1980’s called Space 1889. This was one of the first forays into the Steampunk genre and it included a substance called liftwood which could only be found Read more […]

Asteroid Mining…Invest now!!!   You may think this is a pie in the sky plan…literally. I think however that this is the future. It is just a matter of time before this becomes profitable with unmanned drones and robots. When that happens pennies will rain from heaven. OK enough with the puns. Asteroid mining will be one of the biggest industry around in 100 years. If you want your children and Read more […]