The Fundamental Difference Between the Right and the Left

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It is actually important to define what we are talking about in this respect. The left will obfuscate what they really stand for at every opportunity. It is imperative that anyone interested in the divide between the two groups understand the most basic difference.

The Right represents economic freedom

The Left represents economic control

This is the only way to distinguish between the two. All other social, moral, racial, and cultural baggage can be added to the Right or Left. There can be racist democrats, and atheist republicans, hard core christian communists, and gay black conservatives.  The economic stance of the society or the party is what distinguishes the two sides nothing else.

The failure of the Left is that it ends up aligned with more dictatorial societies (Fascism, Communism, Socialism) when you seek to exert control over economics. The Left needs to face that fact and stop pretending their philosophical belief in a controlled economy can create a more egalitarian society…It can’t. Exerting control over economics forces the left to exert social and ethical control over individuals. These controls are almost always geared to lift one group up and force another down. That is the nature of control. Outsiders and individuals without political ties almost never rise to the top in these types of societies once they are established. They are the ultimate old boys network.

The failure of the Right is that it ends up aligned with corporate (these can also be religious in nature) entities that may not have the best social, political, or moral interests of the people/workers in mind. Because the right prefers not to control economics their inaction allows individuals and groups to raise and lower in economic and political power without central planning. This can cause minority groups to get lost in the shuffle but it also allows individuals who may be outsiders to excel and even dominate economically and politically. While the right may produce a more chaotic society it allows individuals more freedom of choice and action.

While there have been many attempts at creating the ultimate leftist society there have been very few attempts to create a society based on pure economic freedom. When you follow a path that ignores economic control you also have very little need to centrally plan a society. Therefore you get few attempts to actively bring about a “Capitalist” utopia…this is the greatest weakness of the Right. I can think of only a couple of examples of societies that have moved very far to the Right on their own. American in the 19th century and Japan in the 1970s come to mind but they are not perfect examples.

(Of course there are no perfect examples of Communism in action either)

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