Month: June 2012

Obama and Executive Privilege: A Case for Impeachment

Friday, June 22, 2012

       Obama has done several things that I felt should be viewed as impeachable offenses. From his unwillingness to prosecute members of the Black Panther party for election intimidation, while hosting the head of that same organization in the White House just before that decision. To his forcing of automotive companies that had gone bankrupt to pay union member debts before the debts the company owed to it’s investors. This was both illegal and immoral as legally the investors are entitled to be paid first. Obama unilaterally changed that precedent without due process in what seemed like a payoff to union members who had heavily funded his campaign. These crimes have been largely ignored most likely due to the fact that the Democrats had a super-majority in the Congress at the time. That super majority no longer exists and it is time to look at these crimes and the current cover up of Fast and Furious in light of impeachment. I don’t take that word lightly. Impeachment is serious business and Obama has certainly done more to earn impeachment than either Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon…..No one died, was deigned the right to vote, nor where peoples’ life savings destroyed by the peccadilloes of Clinton or Nixon. All these things have been the result of Obama’s actions.
    In recent days Obama stepped WAY over the line. He has exerted executive privilege over papers that document discussions between Holder and his subordinates involved in Fast and Furious. This action represents not only a political effort to hide the truth about F&F it represents a direct illegal effort to cover up criminal activity that is well outside Obama’s shield of executive privilege. This is not like Clinton lying to Congress about blowjobs. This is the exact kind of coverup that Nixon was being impeached for. Maybe it is time to look more closely at removing Obama from the high office that he has continually abused to curry favor with his donors and to enact a criminal political agenda against the people of the United States of America.
 Let’s go over all the possible reasons for Obama to extend an Executive Privilege order over the Fast and Furious documents.


1. Obama does have direct knowledge of those papers and was involved in Fast and Furious but no crime was committed by those involved in F&F (highly unlikely). In this case Holder must still be removed because he lied under oath to congress that Obama had no affiliation with those papers. This is the only scenario in which Obama is not guilty of an impeachable action in this case. This is a very narrow scenario and one which proves that Obama has lied about F&F all along as he has said numerous times he knows nothing about the program.

2. Obama used EP to shield Holder or another subordinate from being found guilty of a crime and Obama has no affiliation with the documents at all. This is the most likely scenario. If he did this Obama is guilty of exactly the crime that Nixon was being impeached for.

3. Obama used EP to shield himself from being found guilty of a crime. This would be illegal on two counts and of course he could be impeached and jailed for this.

These are the only possible reasons for him to use EP in this manner.

But liberals will say Bush and Clinton used Executive Privilege and they weren’t impeached for it….
 Neither Bush nor Clinton used the Executive privilege improperly. Both Obama and Holder have said….Holder has said this under oath… that Obama has had no ….NO…. access or knowledge about Fast and Furious. Obama can not use the executive privilege to shield information that he has no direct relation to.We know there was a crime committed. We know that a federal officer was killed by guns released to criminals by F&F. We know that Mexican citizens have been killed by the same guns. We know that someone in the Attorney General’s office made the call to allow these guns to walk.
I stop here because Liberals will say that gunwalking began under George Bush. That is not true. Programs similar to gunwalking did begin under Bush, but these programs never allowed the guns to actually get across the border into Mexico or beyond the reach of federal officers. Gunwalking was also never used as an excuse to create more gun laws and restrictions by using the guns allowed to cross the border as statistical proof that American guns were getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. If you think that I am just repeating an insane right wing conspiracy then please read this CBS news article that details memos between ATF officers discussing this plan.
 No president has ever protected individuals whose ultimate goal was the destruction of one of the fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution. Obama is not just obstructing justice, he is guilty of protecting individuals who would see Americans murdered in the streets by Mexican drug lords in an effort to undermine the second amendment.
 He does not deserve to continue as President.

The Fundamental Difference Between the Right and the Left

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It is actually important to define what we are talking about in this respect. The left will obfuscate what they really stand for at every opportunity. It is imperative that anyone interested in the divide between the two groups understand the most basic difference.

The Right represents economic freedom

The Left represents economic control

This is the only way to distinguish between the two. All other social, moral, racial, and cultural baggage can be added to the Right or Left. There can be racist democrats, and atheist republicans, hard core christian communists, and gay black conservatives.  The economic stance of the society or the party is what distinguishes the two sides nothing else.

The failure of the Left is that it ends up aligned with more dictatorial societies (Fascism, Communism, Socialism) when you seek to exert control over economics. The Left needs to face that fact and stop pretending their philosophical belief in a controlled economy can create a more egalitarian society…It can’t. Exerting control over economics forces the left to exert social and ethical control over individuals. These controls are almost always geared to lift one group up and force another down. That is the nature of control. Outsiders and individuals without political ties almost never rise to the top in these types of societies once they are established. They are the ultimate old boys network.

The failure of the Right is that it ends up aligned with corporate (these can also be religious in nature) entities that may not have the best social, political, or moral interests of the people/workers in mind. Because the right prefers not to control economics their inaction allows individuals and groups to raise and lower in economic and political power without central planning. This can cause minority groups to get lost in the shuffle but it also allows individuals who may be outsiders to excel and even dominate economically and politically. While the right may produce a more chaotic society it allows individuals more freedom of choice and action.

While there have been many attempts at creating the ultimate leftist society there have been very few attempts to create a society based on pure economic freedom. When you follow a path that ignores economic control you also have very little need to centrally plan a society. Therefore you get few attempts to actively bring about a “Capitalist” utopia…this is the greatest weakness of the Right. I can think of only a couple of examples of societies that have moved very far to the Right on their own. American in the 19th century and Japan in the 1970s come to mind but they are not perfect examples.

(Of course there are no perfect examples of Communism in action either)