Obama and Executive Privilege: A Case for Impeachment

Friday, June 22, 2012        Obama has done several things that I felt should be viewed as impeachable offenses. From his unwillingness to prosecute members of the Black Panther party for election intimidation, while hosting the head of that same organization in the White House just before that decision. To his forcing of automotive companies that had gone bankrupt to pay union member debts before the debts the company owed to it's investors. This was both illegal and immoral as legally the Read more [...]

The Fundamental Difference Between the Right and the Left

Thursday, June 21, 2012 It is actually important to define what we are talking about in this respect. The left will obfuscate what they really stand for at every opportunity. It is imperative that anyone interested in the divide between the two groups understand the most basic difference. The Right represents economic freedom The Left represents economic control This is the only way to distinguish between the two. All other social, moral, racial, and cultural baggage can be added to the Right Read more [...]