The Evil 1% That Own Everything

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The LA times today came out with an op/ed by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott demanding that we not only implement Obama’s “Buffet” tax that punishes (taxes) the top 1% of earners but that we go after all the wealth controlled by these people and redistribute it. Here is a quote of what these enlightened souls had to say.

“The more serious inequality problem facing the United States involves overall wealth, not just income. While the top 1% of Americans earned 21% of the nation’s income, they owned a staggering 35% of the wealth in 2006-07, the most recent year for which statistics are available. We should be taxing that wealth directly, and not merely focusing on million-dollar incomes.”

Are these people morons? Why do I even ask? They are enlightened Liberals so of course they are morons and clueless about what wealth is. This country has almost 400 million people in it. That means that the top 1% of earners are 4 million people. These 4 million people make up all the large and small business owner’s in America. That means these are the people YOU work for (if you happen to work). These two mental midgets want to place a tax on the 35% of this country’s wealth that these people own. Do you know what that wealth is? Come on, it is common sense if you think about it………OK, since those of you on the left don’t have that particular sense I better spill the beans. The wealth that these kind hearted liberals want to redistribute is the building you work in, the materials owned by your company that you produce products from, and the machine you work on. If you are a small business that includes the company computer, the company car, the roof that keeps out the rain while you work, and everything else that makes it possible to do your job. It would even include the imaginary shovel that Obama promised in those shovel ready jobs. This is the opulent wealth that these parasites want to see taxed and distributed to the welfare leech masses.

So now using your common sense once more……What happens when you place higher taxes on these items….even you liberals should be able to figure this out by now…..YOU KILL SMALL BUSINESS. Large mega corps might survive but Mom and Pop are done, Bye Bye.

Thanks again Obama and company you are the gift that keeps on giving, much like a venereal disease.

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