MLK’s Dream Revisited

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today I read an interview with Morgan Freeman in which he accuses the Tea party of being racists. His exact quote was,”It is a racist thing.” I used to think Freeman was a thoughtful intelligent man. I was wrong in that assumption. I guess that belief was merely an artifact of the characters that he plays on TV and in movies. Of course the idea that the Tea Party is racist is another one of those artificial creations of TV and the media so maybe I should not be surprised he believes the lies told by his own particular community. Both ideas seem to come out of a mythological construct of our media culture. I am saddened only because I wished the traditional media portrayal of Freeman had been reality rather than another case of misdirection. Of course finding out that Morgan Freeman is not what he portrays himself to be is much less damaging to society than our discovery that Barack Obama was not what the media led us to believe. Freeman has no real power over my life or my ability to function in society but the myth that put Obama in the White House does.

The idea that the Tea Party is racist is silly. I live in the deep South and I have been to many Tea Party events and it just isn’t racist. In fact the Tea Party embraces diversity. All one needs to do is look at a Tea Party rally to see people of all colors and beliefs mixing together with one goal. The goal of taking back our government from those who are taxing us into oblivion. That really is the only goal of the Tea Party that we see consistently expressed. It is not a racist goal no matter what Freeman or his liberal fellow travelers believe. However with all these accusations of racism and the slurs hurled in our direction there is one thing Obama and his people have given the Tea Party and it is something that Freeman probably can’t even understand. Obama has made us in “Tea Party America” understand the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. I am not going to say we understand the depths of what Martin Luther King suffered but we have learned from his life. I personally say and know others believe this as well that…

I oppose Obama not for the color of his skin but for the content of his character.

This is the real legacy of MLK and something Morgan Freeman in his race to condemn the Tea Party has lost sight of. People can judge a man on his character and not his race and that is what is being done with Obama. Obama is not a good president, in fact he is one of the absolute worst and it has nothing to do with his skin color and everything to do with his “beliefs”. I embrace Martin Luther King Jr. and call him brother because his is not a racist philosophy, his beliefs were to judge the man not the race. I and most of my friend in the Tea Party can see past the color to the soul of the man. I wish Morgan Freeman was that open minded.

I hope one day we can all see past beyond the media myths and their own racism and understand that white, brown, yellow, red, or black a person can oppose a black president for what he does and believes rather than the color of his skin.

I guess I will get back to campaigning for my candidate of choice and the choice of many in the Tea Party movement….Herman Cain. Look him up.

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