African American’s Need to Wake the Hell Up


Friday, September 16, 2011

I’m not black, or African American. What I am is an American Mutt. That makes me uniquely American and proud of it but it also makes me just an average white guy (I just don’t have enough minority genetic material to get special treatment). I and most other Americans whose relatives have been here more than a hundred years have become the great melting pot. I like the melting pot idea it makes Americans special. we are a mixed up melange of the entire planet .We need to focus on being that American melting pot and away from skin color. Unfortunately some people just can’t get over their melanin count. This morning Tavis Smiley, a black and needless to say liberal commentator struck another blow for racism and racists everywhere. He not only suggested, but demanded the president treat African Americans better than the rest of us. His exact words,

“whatever happened to that notion that to the victor goes the spoils? If anybody ought to be looked out for, it ought to be the persons who represent the most significant and the most loyal part of the base. That would be African-Americans.”

I didn’t know the rest of us had a war with African Americans and they won? I thought that whites had bent over backwards in the past 40 years trying to atone for a racist past that nobody under 50 had anything to do with. We have all but turned African Americans into a privileged class…no I take that back. We have made them into a privileged class. You can call me a racist, or a bigot, or even an ass for bringing this up but a black man with the same education and experience I have could have almost any job he wanted. Not I. Blacks are given so many perks I wish I was black. I like being treated special.

When I worked for the State of N.C. I saw more than one under-qualified African American applicant receive a job over a qualified white applicant. Once I (and every other white employee) had to endure a week of sensitivity training after a new supervisor was hired. My job required a Bachelors degree to be the supervisor required a Masters….My new boss had an associates degree. You figure out the rest.

African Americans don’t need special treatment. They don’t need extra political consideration. They certainly don’t need more government handouts. What they need is a dose of reality and to be treated exactly the same as everyone else. Of course I am about to be called a racist for demanding equal rights for all men…..Go figure.

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